Weight Management

One out of two Americans are obese. Clearly we are eating too much and moving too little. Most of us know this, but changing dietary patterns is difficult and, more often than not, unsuccessful. There is no miracle cure, but research is now showing what does work. Many factors play a role in obesity: genetic disposition, metabolism, life style, and mental status. By addressing psychological and social issues, eating habits, and activity and fitness levels, you can successfully lose weight and maintain weight loss.

How To Lose Weight Successfully

  • Believe you can lose. Change your attitude about food.
  • Set realistic goals to guard you from failure.
  • “A calorie is a calorie” and the total deficit is what determines loss.
  • Count calories, control portions, set menus and eat balanced meals.
  • Decrease fat and refined sugar.
  • Increase fruit and vegetables.
  • Exercise four to six hours a per week.

We Can Help
Medical Nutrition Network provides a comprehensive, individualized program for weight loss. The dietitians at Medical Nutrition Network will be your guide and support system as you work to change eating habits, lifestyle, and modify attitudes toward food and exercise. All our dietitians have advanced educational backgrounds and years of experience. We will help you identify problem areas, plan strategies that work, design a food program that emphasizes healthy eating habits without a lot of restriction, and assist you in creating an exercise plan you can do. All nutritional and behavioral therapy is individualized. We concentrate on areas that prevented you from being successful in the past.

Medical Nutrition Network Expertise

  • Individualized and comprehensive guide and support system.
  • Focus on changing eating habits and lifestyle.
  • Assist you on identifying problems areas and planning strategies that work.
  • Design a food program and exercise plan.
  • Can assist those with other medical concerns such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, and childhood obesity.
  • “State of the art” medical nutrition therapy.

Eat Less, Move More!

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