“Approaching 50 years old and being tremendously overweight, my doctor referred me to Alicia Calvo at Medical Nutrition Network for Weight Management. Her guidance and customized program has been most effective for myself and has also benefited my entire family. Prior to starting the program in June of 1997, my body was in tremendous stress. My back and knees were always in chronic pain, my cholesterol levels were high, and I was always short of breath. Her sensible program of diet, exercise and counseling has made a huge impact on my life. Alicia taught me how to manage my eating habits choosing the right foods and knowing how much to eat. Her plan works! I do not feel deprived of anything because it is well balanced. There are fats, there are carbohydrates, and there are even treats and alcohol. The key was a life-style change of learning portion control and of course exercise. Her guidance is always supportive, never critical. The impact is life-altering. So far I have lost 94 pounds, eliminated all of the physical stress and pain, and reduced my cholesterol to normal levels. Most of all I feel great.” -Ron Raby

“I’ve been working with Christine Goukasian at Alicia Calvo & Associates. Christine is tremendously knowledgeable and a supportive RD. Since starting with Christine I’ve lost 6 lbs and am working to lose 9 more. The process is not overwhelming and she always offers a variety of options and choices to help make good eating decisions. Christine’s knowledge and professionalism is surpassed only by her compassion and devotion to helping her clients obtain optimum nutritional health.” Jim McM

“Ellen Bauersfeld has shown me the “lighter” side of living well. Her wise supportive guidance continues to give me the tools to make my sixties a more energetic, happier and healthier time of life.” -Joyce Sachs

“Starting a high-risk pregnancy my doctor recommended a nutritionist, Alicia Calvo. My high-risk pregnancy turned out not to be high risk at all. I had Alicia on my team as well as helping my unborn baby. She is also helping me to keep my weight gain to a minimum since I started the pregnancy overweight. (This pleases me greatly!) I highly recommend a nutritionist for any woman starting a pregnancy, high-risk or not. It is worth it.” -Teresa Dunn

“For the first time in my life, I have a program that fits me. It is personal and makes sense. The changes we have made in my food program have been balanced, progressive, and flexible as my needs change. I have lost 43 pounds so far, and many more to go.” -M. Meyer

“Our practice has benefited greatly from the collective expertise offered by your group. Our patients have diverse and often challenging needs, ranging from vegetarian diet to chronic disease to familial risks, all of which have been expertly attended to by your staff. We appreciate your commitment to our patients and continue to be happy to refer patients to you.” -J.J. Levenstein, MD., Marshall Goldberg, MD., Marie Medawar, MD., Rachel Esmond, MD., William Singer, MD., and Michael Wolke, MD.

“She always greets me with a big warm smile and gives me her full attention and is very patient with me, especially when I go over my challenges. She gave me wonderful snacking and eating out tips from early on and continues to help me by making sure I do not go hungry, while eating the right choices with food that I like. If I “screw up” she smiles and will give me kind suggestions for the future on my diet. Her diet plan has been customized to me she and I have continued to lose weight since I met her. She also helped me with excellent exercise tips, as I have had some challenges there also. Her knowledge in her field has been so helpful to me. I REALLY lucked out that I was assigned to her when I called. She truly is a very nice person and continues to give me encouragement in my meetings with her. I have lost almost 40 pounds as of mid Jan 2014 and hope to lose more.” -Leah C.

“Having been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and experiencing frequent hypoglycemic episodes; I was referred to Joan DeVito by my doctor. Joan helped me to examine all quantities of food, especially sugars, starches and fats in my diet. With Joan’s meal plan I realized I could really be in charge of my blood sugars. Joan never criticized any of my failures to follow through on food and meal assignments each week. Joan was always warm, encouraging and helpful when ever I faced a crisis with my health.” -George Davis, PhD

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