Orthorexia Nervosa – the new “healthy” eating disorder

Dr. Steven Bratman coined the term Orthorexia in 1997.  Orthorexia is the new “healthy” eating disorder.  It is an unhealthy relationship with healthy foods.  It can begin by adopting a popular dietary theory such as clean eating, paleo, vegan or raw or elimination diets.  Over time, an increasing number of foods are eliminated and more dietary rules and restrictions are self-imposed to achieve a “pure diet”.  Eventually, the diet can become “sterile” and lead to an obsession with eating healthy and malnutrition .  Treatment involves acknowledging there is a problem, creating a balanced diet plan including moderation, and learning appropriate coping skills so that food and nutrition become part of  life rather than the center of life:  Orthorexia Nervosa – the new “healthy” eating disorder    

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