Dina Ben-Nissan

Dina pic. editedDina Ben-Nissan, a registered dietitian and consulting nutritionist, received her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from University of California, Los Angeles, and a Master’s degree in Nutrition, Healthspan and Longevity from the University of Southern California. As part of the USC master’s program, Dina spent time in Italy studying healthy aging and how nutrition plays an essential role in longevity. She is extremely passionate about disease prevention and holistic approaches to improve one’s health. She completed dietetic clinical rotations at USC’s Keck Medical Center, USC’s Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, along with additional rotations at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, St. Francis Medical Center,USC Athletics, and USC Hospitality.

Dina’s own experience with weight loss, hyperlipidemia, and food sensitivities, in addition to seeing her family members struggle with the most common chronic diseases, motivated her to pursue a career in nutrition. Dina has had extensive training in nutrition counseling for weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, food allergies, sports nutrition, healthy aging, and wellness.She is enthusiastic about educating her patients and providing them with the tools to live healthier lives. Dina works with her patients in order to educate, support, and motivate them on their path to success.

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