10 Daily Ways to Foster a Healthy Body Image in Your Child

Parents play a major role in how children come to perceive their bodies.  There are other cultural factors at play as well, but parents can be a critical source of positive or negative messaging from a young age.  Positive body image has been associated with higher self-esteem and healthy behaviors, where as negative body image has been associated with negative outcomes, such as lowered self-esteem, depression, disordered eating, poorer academic achievement, and less engagement in healthy behaviors.    Health experts recommend that parents avoid negative body talk, stop criticizing their own body, replace negative body messages with positive body messages, have a “body talk free” household and emphasize other values, focus on what bodies can do, model healthy behaviors, teach their child to be an intuitive eater rather than sending the message that some foods are good or bad, and promote body diversity.  Click on the link for more information on how to foster a positive body image in hour child:  10 Everyday Ways to Foster a Healthy Body Image in Your Child

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